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SEO Rates

Basic Standard Advanced Professional
Keywords 10 keywords 20 keywords 40 keywords 80 keywords
Locations 1 Location 3 Locations 5 Locations 7 Locations
Guarantees Minimum of 5 in top-10 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 10 new keywords in top-10 and 10 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 20 new keywords in top-10 and 20 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 40 new keywords in top-10 and 40 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee
Linkbuilding 10 links every month 20 links every month 40 links every month 60 links every month
Website SEO Analysis checked checked checked checked
Local SEO checked checked checked checked
Analysis of Competitors checked checked checked checked
Monthly Reporting checked checked checked checked
SSL Certificate for secured data transfer checked checked checked checked
Improving website loading speed checked checked checked
Creating / Optimizing of Social Networks accounts checked checked checked
Development time for conversion improvement checked checked
Crowd-marketing checked

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You hear it over and over in digital marketing circles; content is king. And that’s absolutely right. Without good content your company seems flimsy, hollow, and not worth doing business with. High-quality content development services from Direct SEO, along with traditional and local SEO services, helps your company rise above the competition to drive consumer awareness and sales.

Benefits Of High-Quality SEO Content Writing Services

  • Your Content Actually Gets Read - Companies can spend months producing high-quality content, but if it’s not SEO-optimized, search engines rank it very low and consumers never even see the pieces which so much time went into creating.
  • More Keyword Integration - Solid content development often means longer articles, which not only address the user’s questions/concerns in better detail, but longer text affords more opportunities to work in keywords.
  • Gains Backlinks - People are much more likely to share high-quality content, and this improves your chances of building more backlinks.
  • Improved User Interaction & UX - High-quality content captures users’ attention and increases the time they spend your page. Google sees this increased “dwell time”, and improves your rank as a result of that.

Content Development Strategy

Developing a content strategy for the web is crucial to succeeding in today’s competitive digital landscape. After all, how can you expect to succeed in creating content if you don’t know what success looks like? 

So, how exactly do you start building an effective content marketing strategy?

  1. Your Audience
    Content is always centered around your audience and what they’re looking for. Figure out what makes your audience tick, how they use your content to help solve their problems or educate themselves, and begin to create more content that satisfies these needs.
  2. Your Goals
    What is the goal of creating content? Do you want to gather signups for an email list? Boost awareness of an upcoming podcast? You should have a goal in mind that involves using content to drive awareness and, eventually, revenue.
  3. What Makes You Unique
    Every company has a competitive advantage, and every company has something that makes them unique. Hone in on exactly what it is that makes you unique and build on that. Content development is as much about standing out from your competitors as it is creating content.
  4. The Role Of Content
    It’s important to figure out the role your content will play. Does it exist to attract new consumers? Are you putting out curated content for existing or exclusive users? 

Types Of SEO Content

There are limitless ways you can create content, and content strategy consulting is largely about identifying the most effective for your particular market. So while there are many different types of content you can create on your site, here are some of the most popular.

  • Product Pages - This is the page for your product.
  • Blog Posts - Blog posts address user questions, show product features and even act as op-ed pieces.
  • Articles - Think news and other informational articles.
  • Lists - While this is similar to a blog post, lists are framed as “5 Ways” to do this, or “10 Things You Didn’t Know About X”. Lists make your blog post easier to scan.
  • Guides - This is a longer piece of content that details how to do something.
  • Videos - An emerging trend in content development, videos can cover similar topics that you cover in text, but reach a different audience.
  • Infographics - Infographics are large-format photos that contain substantial amounts of data and...wait for it...info.
  • Slideshows - A great way to add multiple header tags and alt tags for SEO purposes, slideshows are an excellent addition to any content strategy for the web.
  • Glossaries - Built-in glossaries are especially useful for industries with complex terminology, such as construction and the military, both of which have an unbelievable number of acronyms.
  • Dictionaries - Dictionaries as they pertain to content development skew closer to the idea of an encyclopedia; they act as a repository for several different resources on a topic.

Why Direct SEO?

Direct SEO brings years of content development experience to the table to craft high-quality pieces of content, unique to your business, that drive more organic content to your site and convert more visitors into subscribers/customers.

How do we do it?

  1. Intelligent Topic Selection
    Many companies choose to attack keywords based simply on search volume. Direct SEO takes into account search volume, difficulty, and traffic value in order to select the optimal topics.
  2. Content Layering & Linking
    Content layering involves strategically placing content into the various sales funnel positions (i.e. placing awareness-level content above product-specific content above conversion pages) using internal links to help improve SEO position and user experience.
  3. Attracting Links
    Every piece of content we create takes into account linkability, which is the likelihood that other sites will link to that content.
  4. Content Updates
    Updating stale content with the freshest information is a great way to improve SEO ranking along with providing the optimal user experience.

Content Development From Direct SEO

As a premier content development company, Direct SEO has the experience and the skills to help your company create content that drives interactions, shares and conversions.

Direct SEO has offices in Philadelphia, PA, and we’re here to help your business, large or small, grow and gain more loyal users.

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